Interests - Cooking - why I enjoy it

I love food. The therapy of selecting fruit, vegetables and herbs in a market, planning a dinner party and cooking.

“Comfortable in the grand manner, stuffed with plutocratic goodies and a decent duck. A dining room boudoiresque, fin-de-siècle, eclectic and still fashionably uncomfortable. A mélange, possibly a post-Orwellian version of an Edwardian eatery. The food, ecumenical in flavour, a cosmopolitan adventure of exuberant eclecticism, full of amuse guelle and gastrocredibility. No flash in the bain-marie this. A comforting air, though generally the tomatoes were rather palpeuse”.

- Restaurant Review in Absolutely Fabulous

Here’s a good recipe:

Cosmopolitan No. 2

1 part lemon vodka
2 parts triple sec
1½ parts cranberry juice
1 part lime cordial
1 part fresh lime juice
Dash of orange bitters
Twist of orange 1x3cm

Shake with ice, serve with the twist of orange. Make another.