Koan in D minor

The student approached his Zen master Omo with reverence. "Oh, master! How is the initiate to prepare himself for the world to come"? The master said, "Omo, there is no knowledge, no thought, indeed it is not to be found, no world. So prepare".

Omo's commentary
The student, the master, the world, what separates them? In love, in diligence, in hatred, could he not perceive that there was nothing to perceive? No here, no now, now no future.

Omo's poem
And in darkness came forth the single light
To illuminate the universe with its faint brilliance
And was extinguished.

The master gave of his most precious treasure in these words, in absence of dualism and of the knowledge of good and evil which is itself evil he gave an absence of thought, which, blessed in its own simplicity, caused him to become puffed-out and extinguished like the lone candle.

What fool lit it?

Zen, no Zen, or unZen, the unthought was replete with sacrilige. And D minor is Rachmaninov's key, anyway.

- Oddball, Koan in D minor, from Chromatic Conceit