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JustNathan may come across as being rather self-indulgent, over-sentimental, and telling you more than you may wish to know about my thoughts, interests, family and friends. If so, I apologise. I realised whilst writing that you will receive a somewhat distorted perspective. The tone is driven by the introspection I found necessary for composition. I have tried to be honest in my web persona, but there are definite imperfections in the extent to which the balance of intellect and emotion is reflected. The blog section in particular has caused some concern to my family and I am sorry for this. My mother always said that my big mouth would get me into trouble. I shall continue to experiment.

“And he called his name Gershom: for he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land”.

Reading the contents myself, some features seem apparent:

  • The influence of Gustav Mahler, Jeremy Rosen, Tom Stoppard, Douglas R Hofstadter and Mario Vargas Llosa (see the connection?)
  • Sentimentality and romanticism (where do I fit in the classical versus romantic debate?)
  • Questioning of orthodoxy in thought of all sorts. But is that free-thinking?
  • How important is the "gay thing" really in my life?
  • Given to too many highbrow pursuits (I assure you that is a distortion)
  • If I describe myself as "a Jewish eclectic iconoclast", how much is real, and how much a pose? And am I possessed of enough self-awareness to claim such an understanding?

And I'm probably rather too fond of D minor. Entartete Kunst, indeed.

Anyway, I suggest that you use the little "x" in the top right hand corner of your screen or read, decide for yourself, and perhaps correspond with me.

After all, JustNathan is merely another human being sharing your planet and the air that you breathe. Probably.

6th October 2002 / 1st January 2005